Friday, September 10, 2021
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Financial aid speaker offers advice for scholarship hunters

UMKC’s Financial Aid Department held an advisor event late last month to educate current college students on how to earn more scholarships. 

Led by UMKC Financial Aid & Scholarships Director Scott Young, the hour-long seminar covered the basic information the department believed all students should know when hunting for scholarships. 

Young emphasized that students should make sure they meet the specific requirements of the scholarship, making it clear that it’s best to focus on what each student is eligible for.

“Make sure you meet the criteria of the award,” he said. “You need to focus your time on the ones you know you will be considered for.” 

Young said there are many lucrative scholarships that are not widely known. 

“There are employers that either don’t do a good job at letting people know about their scholarships and grants, or they even just don’t know,” he said.

Young suggested students ask their employers, their parents’ employers, churches or charities to see if there are any local scholarships that may not be known to scholarship-hunting websites. He stated that students will have a better chance at earning those specific scholarships because they are regional rather than national scholarships. 

Young emphasized that students applying for scholarships should proofread and personalize their essays. 

“Focus in on what is being asked of you, and make sure your answer matches up to that”, he said. “Remind us who you are and why this is beneficial to you.”

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