Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Fighting Their Way to Victory

This past week UMKC Volleyball won two competitive matches. The Roos’ have chosen to play their best volleyball at this point in the season. With a home win streak spanning 6 games, UMKC is looking forward to what they can do in their final 5 conference matches.

The team came out strong against Seattle University (SU). The game went onto four sets and both teams continuously fought for each game’s lead.

The first set was won by UMKC, but SU came back to equalize after the second set. It was a night full of grit from both teams, but in the end, the Roos were determined to defend home court.

The match began with high energy, resulting in a tie until the 5-8 run. SU took the lead. Coach Christi Posey called a timeout which changed the Roos mindset. They kept attacking and got within one point during the 10-13 run. However, SU thwarted UMKC advance. Around the 15 and 16-20 run, UMKC junior, Devan Porter landed back-to-back kills. It lit a fire in the Roos’ spirit and they tied the game at 24-24. At this point, the game would be won by a two point advantage. After gaining the lead, UMKC’s Porter landed a kill to give the Roos the first set.

Emma Hagedorn blocks Utah Valley spike.
Emma Hagedorn blocks Utah Valley spike. (Photo |Ryan Hennessy)

SU rallied their efforts in the second set. In no time, SU had a 6-18 lead. UMKC managed to pull off a small comeback, but it wasn’t enough. SU won the second match with a 16-25 victory.

UMKC found their initial rhythm in the third set and quickly took the lead. Around the 11-point run, five UMKC players scored back-to-back points, giving the team a 15-11 lead. SU trailed the Roos until the 20-20 run. UMKC’s Madison Mosier ended the tie with a kill. The Roos took the lead back, and the game’s momentum, achieving a 25-22 win.

The match was determined in the fourth set. SU came out strong again to start the match. Although the Roos trailed, they continued their fight, landing attacks and kills. During the 18 and 19-20 run, UMKC freshman, Alicia Harrington, blocked back-to-back spikes, tying the game.

“Seattle is very big and physical,” said Harrington. “Our biggest challenge was hitting around the block and digging hard hit balls.”

At 25-24, it was game point for SU. UMKC Senior Emma Hagedorn equalized the game with a kill and successfully returned the Roos momentum. SU went on to commit two errors and UMKC took the match with a 27-25 set victory.

Fans cheered wildly at the end of the match. The team ended up with a total of 51 kills. UMKC Senior Kaylyn Brandt generated 50 assists and 48 digs. Mosier lead in kills, with 17, Porter had 12, and Hagedorn had 10. The Roos’ final home matches will be against UT Rio Grande Valley on Nov. 10th at 7 p.m. and against New Mexico State Nov. 12 at 1:00 p.m. at the Swinney Recreation Center.

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