Friday, May 27, 2022
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FBI speakers give inside look at bank robberies, crime scenes

For those not familiar with criminology, Tuesday evening’s FBI Student Academy event might have been challenging to follow.

However, guest speakers and FBI employees Trisha Dewet and Ryan Blay did their best to keep the average college listener interested. They referenced popular shows like “The Mentalist” and “Criminal Minds” before diving into the reality of the field.

“I work bank robberies, typically,” Dewet informed her audience, offering a glimpse into an unexpected and exciting career. She said she enjoys all of its aspects, including interviewing those accused of committing crimes.

Dewet said her passion for the community and helping other people first drew her to this career.

Both Dewet and Ryan Blay possess a particular expertise in FBI Behavioral Analysis Units. This unit of the FBI conducts crime analysis, threat analysis and more.

The “cyber” aspect of these units also came into play, with discussion of how FBI employees combat computer crime and use the Internet to solve problems.

However, a criminology lecture wouldn’t be complete without talk about mass murderers.

Dewet and Blay provided a behind-the-scenes look into how detective work deal with these notorious offenders and how justice was achieved— or, at least attempted— in those infamous cases.

First-year student Austin Cartwright appreciated the lecture.

“The part that stood out was the photos from the crime scene. You could hear everyone gasp when they were shown,” Cartwright recalled. “It showed us what it was really like to be an FBI agent.”

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