Friday, December 3, 2021
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Fast Fact on Campus: Career Services develops Roo Career Network

Career Services has taken job placement to the next level by implementing a new employment database, Roo Career Network (RCN).

The RCN database has several features that can benefit those searching for a campus job.

RCN can be synced to your Facebook., you can request career counseling appointments, receive feedback on your resume, schedule on-campus interviews with prospective employers and receive notifications when employers post jobs that match your search criteria.

RCN features are available online.

Career Services has already started the first half of the registration process for RCN. Students only have to go in and add their academic information.

This can be done by visiting and choosing the RCN icon.

Previous to this new employment database was UMKC Career Exec, a far less extensive database.

RCN is one of the many services provided by UMKC Career Services, at 4825 Troost Ave., Room 205. Career Services also has two satellite locations, one in Bloch School and the other in Flarsheim Hall.

Career Services offers many services, such as mock interviews, resume critiques, job placement and career counseling. One service that is often overlooked is major counseling. If you need help determining your major or feel as though you would like to change your major, Career Services is the place to go to find your solution.

Career Services has trained individuals who can aid you with career and major exploration.

Along with all of these services, Career services also hosts various events.

These events are primarily focused on assisting job seekers and recruiters in their process of finding employment or filling employment positions, respectively.

The Career Services website has an on-campus recruiting schedule which outlines the dates in which prospective employers visit UMKC.

To learn more about products and services Career Services offers as well as Career Services office hours visit

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