Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Fast fact around campus

UMKC wants you!

UMKC has over 300 student organizations.

Each group is oriented to many facets of college life.

They include cultural, faith, political, educational, business, artistic and performance-based.

Shelby Coxon, Assistant Director, Office of Student Involvement, said 217 student organizations are recognized by the Office of Student Involvement (OSI).

“Each student organization falls under a council,” Coxon said.

The councils act as a governing body for the various organizations.

All student organizations are required to have a council at UMKC to oversee them.

If a group does not have a council or is not recognized by OIS, the Student Government Association (SGA) will become their council.

Though the exact number of involved students is unknown, there are many active Roos at UMKC.

“If a student is interested in a particular organization, they can come to the [OSI] and complete the organization interest form,” Coxon said. “Once doing this, OSI provides the organizations with the students’ contact information so they may contact [the student] regarding upcoming events, meetings and other items.”

The organization interest form is on the OSI website.

The list of student organizations is updated each semester when they must complete tasks to remain or become recognized by OSI.

Each year, new student organizations are added to the list.

Students can also establish an organization on campus.

In order to establish a new group, a student must contact Coxon to obtain an application.

To learn more about student organizations, go to contact Shelby Coxon at

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