Expressions Art Exhibition | Overcoming through Art

Kansas City embraces local art with First Fridays, where art galleries put on their finest as the citizens of the metro flood Crossroads Arts District.

KC Studio, a local gallery owned by the Arts Engagement Foundation of Kansas City, participated this month with “Expressions”, an exhibit dedicated to art produced by disabled artists.

The gallery showcased a number of art mediums, including paintings, photographs, hand drawings, collage, digital art and more.

“Untitled” by John Campbell.

The exhibition began with an untitled piece by artist John Cambell.


Cambell explained the piece (made of acrylic ink and pencil), depicted a nuclear explosion in the background and three people, representing public safety, politicians and the military.

Campell said he was inspired by, “The election and just how everybody was thinking, like it was the end of the world.”

Cambell himself was in the military for five years and expressed his distaste for the recent election and people’s over-exaggeration of how it would affect their lives through the painting.

“It was a chaotic message, so I tried to make the explosion more chaotic and less perfectionist, like my usual style,” Cambell said.

“Dance by the Lake” by Jane Kobe.

Another piece, titled “Dance by the Lake” by Jane Kobe, juxtaposed Cambell’s art.

In comparison, Kobe painted using pastel colors, using a light blue as the background and mixing delicate pinks and purples to highlight the beautiful flowers that stand in front of a woman dancing on a lake.

One woman in the audience stated that the woman “looks content” and everything else was “very fragile and peaceful, with calming moonlight shining off the water.”

After viewing the gallery, two different chorus groups with disabled members performed, granting blissful melodies to the audience that were incredibly heartfelt.

Having overcome so much, these artists were able to accept themselves and create something beautiful out of their development, turning their pain into pleasure for others.


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