Thursday, November 25, 2021
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Experiencing Africa on Campus Grounds

From live dance performances to fashion shows highlighting the colorful and extravagant African culture, the African Student Cultural Organization says their Experience Africa event was a hit.

With hardly any open seats, students were pumped and ready to experience Africa last Friday at the Student Union theater. The event hosts, Zik Nwangonge and Ofue Neni, drew in the crowd with their chemistry and sense of African flare.

The event began with an African twist on salsa dancing, followed by other fun and exciting performances.

Dr. Adegoke, a professor of geosciences at UMKC, enlightened guests about his journeys across Africa. Adegoke travelled from Cairo to Cape Town for research and adventure.

“No matter where are you are, no matter about life or your studies, and no matter the space you are in, you need to find time to enjoy life,” said Adegoke, leaving the audience with an important piece of advice.

To conclude Adegoke’s statement, honors student and UMKC alumni Julia performed her new single from her recently released album Don’t Stop. The crowd joined in on the performance by clapping along to the beat of the music and cheering Julia on, suddenly finding themselves at a concert.

The concert was followed by the evening’s main event, the fashion show.  Men and women walked the stage, showcasing beautiful outfits from different countries in Africa.

Everyone on stage came out to show their appreciation and love for their home country, dancing to the beat of the music in beautiful gowns meant for weddings and family affairs. There were men and women representing Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon and more.

To top off the evening, international dancers from the UMKC and Johnson County Community College joined together to form an African dance medley. Each beat was hit with a stomp and a dance routine.

It was an event meant to turn up of the volume and enjoy the night, and just in case the crowd was not satisfied, there was enough food to fill everyone interested in African cuisine.

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