Tuesday, September 14, 2021
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Earning extra cash could be just a click away

That quiet whining you’ve heard intermittently all semester isn’t just your imagination. It’s actually the sound of your bank account crying. Instead of doing something silly like relaxing over winter break (let’s face it: at this point in the semester, you don’t know how to do that anyway), earn a little extra cash by snagging a temporary holiday job. Here are 10 places that are hiring for the holidays. Trust us, next semester, your bank account will thank you.

Nationwide, UPS is looking to fill more than 90,000 temporary positions to assist with package delivery through January. Bonus: You’ll get your cardio in for the day. Visit UPSjobs.com.

Meanwhile, FedEx has more than 50,000 openings to assist with package delivery. Visit http://www.fedex.com/co_english/contact/jobs.html.

Even the IRS is hiring: http://jobs.irs.gov/seasonal/kansascity.html

Cherry Hill Photo is looking for Santa photo shoot helpers, as well as naturally-bearded Santas. If you’re good at making screaming children calm down and smile, visit http://www.cherryhillphoto.com/site/joinourteam.

The following retail stores are currently hiring holiday help:

  • Various locations on the Country Club Plaza: http://countryclubplaza.com/about-us/careers
  • Nordstrom Rack (11143 W 95th St.): http://about.nordstrom.com/careers
  • Target (8509 State Line Road): http://corporate.target.com/careers
  • Macy’s (4000 W 71st St.): http://holiday.macysjobs.com
  • Various locations at Oak Park Mall (11149 W 95th St.): http://www.thenewoakparkmall.com/jobs
  • Kohl’s (12381 W 95th St.): http://kohlscareers.com

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