Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Double trouble: Twin sisters dominate the field and school together

 Twins Hannah and Ellie Chadick, transfers from Ball State University in Indiana, prove two is better than one on and off the soccer field.  The sophomores from Overland Park came to UMKC after hearing great things about the women’s soccer program, and are enjoying their move.

“We heard good things about the program,” Ellie said.

“And good things about the coach,”  Hannah added about Head Coach Chris Cissell.

The identical twins have been playing soccer since they were only three feet tall, and both agree this was around age 5 or 6.

Hannah said her favorite move in soccer is acceleration, while Ellie said hers is change of speed.

The twins were born only 8 minutes apart, and said they still do everything together.

“You never have to go anywhere alone,” Hannah said.

“We do basically do everything together,” Ellie said.

The Chadicks have all of their classes together. Both Hannah and Ellie are majoring in health sciences and hope to become anesthesiologists.

They even enjoy almost all of the same things. The twins attribute this partly to the way they were raised, and the fact that they were around each all of the time while growing up.

“It has a lot to do with how we were raised. I like football because my dad watched it,” Hannah said.

The girls aren’t the only children in their family. They also have two brothers, one older and one younger.

“They come to all the games. It’s their favorite part,” the girls agreed.

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