Monday, May 23, 2022
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Double Overtime Tie at Durwood

UMKC women’s soccer team tied with New Mexico State [NMSU], 1-1, after going into double overtime. For much of the first half of the game, the Roos were in control of the field and ball possession. They scored in the 36th minute, but NMSU equalized three minutes before half.

The Roos proved that they that were willing to fight in this match. For the first half, the Roos outshot NMSU 14-3. Sophomore forward, Ryann Burnett landed the first goal of the night thanks to an assist by freshman Kelsey Mothershead. This was Burnett’s first goal of the season. She subbed into the match three minutes before scoring. Prior to the goal, Mothershead had the chance to score her own goal unassisted. She headed for the goal with two NMSU players trailing behind her when one defender shoved her from behind, but the referee let play continue. Fans shouted at the refs, unwilling to let the matter drop for two minutes.

UMKC continued to play strong in the second half. Two opportunities came early, but shots sailed over the goal. Just as in the first half, the Roos outshot NMSU, 11-1. Communication was also strong during the match between players and coaches as they tried to tell each other where to look. Around the 40th minute into the game, Mothershead and junior Lilly Cobb had a rhythm going as they dribbled the ball back and forth to each other, dodging players. However, NMSU held Cobb into place, not allowing her to advance forward.

As they game neared the end, both teams took turns in ball possession, with neither allowing the other a good opportunity in the goal box. The game went into overtime where UMKC wasted no time taking eight shots early in the first overtime, with four shots on goal.

Despite the draw, the Roos had a season high of 34 shots. Catch the women’s next match against Grand Canyon this Friday, October 14th at the Durwood Stadium.

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