Dean of Students candidate pitches possible role at UMKC

On Friday afternoon, Dean of Students candidate Sandra Miles, one of a few potential applicants, did her utmost to impress. She attempted to portray herself as a worthwhile candidate for the currently open Dean of Students position at UMKC.

She emphasized a proactive instead of reactive approach to students and potential problems that a few of those students might initiate. Thinking critically was one of the main themes she mentioned at a few points in her talk, as well as “learning outcomes.”

Miles said she prioritizes critical thinking and student learning outcomes. She also emphasized the importance of diversity.

“Diversity, as we know, is really important in our society,” she said.

Along these lines, Miles said she has already observed a “culture of care” among UMKC students, something she hopes to help foster at Dean of Students.

Miles said that UMKC should be a place where students from all economic backgrounds can succeed,

“Our campus has to be affordable,” she said.

The next candidate, Jim Settle, will make his presentation on Wednesday, April 11.

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