Could It Happen Here? UMKC social work organization presents active shooter discussion

What used to be unthinkable has unfolded again and again throughout the United States in recent years: active shooters at malls and on high school and college campuses. The Masters of Social Work student organization held an event Tuesday evening at the Student Union where Kansas City police officer Jalonn Gordon talked about the need for safety and preparedness should the unthinkable happen at UMKC.

Gordon was forthright with the students and faculty present at the event.

He emphasized safety and the importance of keeping a level head if something were to occur on campus.

He did not talk about percentages or statistics, but he was clear about how frightening and challenging such a situation could be.

He did expressed concern about how much crime was a detriment to Kansas City.

“Our crime rate is sky-high,” Gordon stressed.

Gordon shared that he has gone to church armed since 2005 in response to this risk.

Gordon also emphasized Virginia Tech and the shooting they had several years ago.

“They didn’t prepare their college and university,” he said.

Gordon disagreed with the idea of arming teachers, saying such an action will only fan the flames on campus.

As foreboding as the conversation was at certain points, Gordon also emphasized how passionate he was about his career. He also emphasized his commitment to the community over the past twenty years.

Amber Maledy, masters student in social work, was glad the campus community can discuss important topics without letting emotions or opinions get in the way.

“It’s certainly a heavy topic, but everyone was able to manage their emotions and express their opinions in a constructive way,” she said.

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