Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Community of Scholars recognizes student success

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and the Doctoral Student Council (DSC) hosted their annual Community of Scholars event last Thursday, April 23 in the Atterbury Student Success Center. There were 12 paper and multimedia presentations, 41 poster displays and a panel during the afternoon symposium. Following was an awards ceremony to honor the winners of the symposium judging as well as the recipients of SGS Research Grants, fellowships and scholarships. Three of the awards were sponsored by national corporations with local ties – the Otis Worldwide Outstanding Dissertation Award, the Coventry/Aetna Distinguished Master’s Thesis and six Superior Teaching Awards in sponsorship with SGS and Staples.

“We are extremely grateful to these businesses for recognizing the importance of graduate education to the local, national and global economies,” said Denis M. Medeiros, Ph.D., RD, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. “Graduate education develops the talent pool that these and other companies will look to in the future to fill key positions and develop into tomorrow’s leaders.”

Symposium winners:

  • Paper and Multimedia Presentations:
    • Mayanka Chandra Shekar
    • Ande Davis
    • Chetan Jaiswal
  • Poster Presentations:
    • Nicole English
    • Jones Mutua
    • Byeongtaek Oh

Superior Teaching Award, in sponsorship with SGS and Staples:

  • Rachel Anderson
  • Joanie Brady
  • Karim Pirani
  • Sarah Polo
  • Xing Song
  • Dayu Wang

SGS Research Grant:

  • Vibhuti Agrahari
  • Shilpa Babbar
  • Matthew Berg
  • Marcie Berman
  • Gyanendra Bhattarai
  • Tyler Capp
  • Max Chen
  • Zhijin Chen
  • Munmun Chowdhury
  • Jillian Clark
  • Robyn Daniels
  • Emine Demiroz
  • Emily Geminder
  • Miun Gleeson
  • Elise Hoover
  • Ignacio Hernandez
  • Munem Hossain
  • Andrew Julo
  • Anas Katib
  • Christopher Knudtson
  • Elizabeth Menuey
  • Abigail Ness
  • Byeongtaek Oh
  • Lauren Pollack
  • Jennifer Prashek
  • Md Munsur Rahman
  • Melissa Riebe
  • Hessamoddin Sarooghi
  • Sun-ae Shin
  • Anna Shipman
  • Mustafa Tekinay
  • Pedro Tonhozi de Oliveira
  • Muhammad Sana Ullah
  • Harika Vemula
  • Fei Wu

Arthur Mag Graduate Fellowship:

  • Abigail Ness
  • Craig Workman

Opportunity Fellowship:

  • William Anderson
  • Miun Gleeson
  • Alyssa Joiner
  • Daniel Morel

Preparing Future Faculty Award:

  • Vibhuti Agrahari
  • Bryan Fox
  • Derek Jenkins
  • Alex Omorodion
  • Catherine Ramos
  • Muhammad Sana Ullah
  • Yan Zhang

Ron MaacQuarrie Graduate Fellowship:

  • Vibhuti Agrahari
  • Kadie Harry

Outstanding Interdisciplinary Faculty Award (nominated and chosen by Interdisciplinary doctoral students):

  • Cory Beard

Coventry/Aetna Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award:

  • Nathinee Chucherdwatanasak

Otis Worldwide Outstanding Dissertation Award:

  • Jacob McGuire

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