Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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College: is it just like the movies?


You’ve probably seen movies set around a college campus, and they’ve likely set some sort of expectation for you of what college life is like. But the question is, are these movies exactly relatable?

For students that have seen “PCU” or “Animal House” before coming to college, they would have expected to attend at least one party as legendary as the ones in the movies.

Freshman Henry Madriles expected to hear about at least one party each week of school and possibly attend one.

“Based on the movies I’ve watched, I expected a lot more parties,” said Madriles. “But since I don’t live on campus, I think that’s why I don’t hear a lot about them or go to them.”

Freshman Kimberly Arroyo, who does live on campus, has had a different experience.

“I heard of many parties, but I never went to any of them,” said Arroyo. “I still experience a lot of the college social life since I live in the dorms.”

Most students who move into the dorms have a fear of not liking their roommate or the habits they may have.

Perhaps they’ve seen “The Roommate” or “Pitch Perfect,” wherein the two main characters don’t exactly have the most ideal roommates.

Luckily for Arroyo, she gets along with her roommate just fine.

“I didn’t know if we would get along at first since I’m kind of an awkward person,” said Arroyo. “But after getting to know each other better, we’re good friends now.”

Although there are movies that give students high expectations of college life, there are also college movies that can be relatable.

Despite it being an animated movie, “Monsters University” has some relatable aspects to it, such as the trouble of making friends at the beginning of the semester.

Unlike Arroyo, who easily befriended her roommate, freshman Ashley Bravo had trouble meeting new people at the beginning of the school year.

“Personally, I have not made a lot of friends,” said Bravo. “I feel like college is a place where everyone minds their business and is there to be successful.”

Movies aren’t the only thing that set expectations for college; it can be older students as well.

“Movies didn’t really influence my perspective of college,” said Bravo. “Older students told me that college is full of ramen and stress.”

College isn’t exactly how the movies portray it to be. It’s not always partying on a Friday night or having an existential crisis at three in the morning.

Well, maybe that last part is true, but that’s not the point.
Can we ever expect our college experience to be as fun and exciting as it is in the movies? Not always, but that’s okay. Everyone’s college experience is different, and just because it’s nothing like the movies doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a memorable one.

While a movie lasts an average of 130 minutes, the four-to-six years you spend in college and the memories you make will last a lifetime.


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