Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Chico Bean delivers more than laughs

Chico Bean arrived at the UMKC Student Union Theater late, but his show was worth the wait. Roos filled the theater with laughter and tears of joy as he engaged with them.

Bean’s stand-up comedy was real, honest and hilarious, as he used subjects true to UMKC students for his set. Being a broke college student was a major theme.

“Being college broke is a different kind of broke,” he said. “College got you so broke you asking God for shit you shouldn’t.”

The crowd burst into laughter as he spoke of issues all could relate to. He also kept it real by giving students advice, telling them to enjoy the time they have now before bills come into the picture. Audience members not only left the show with joy, but food for thought.

Themes he shared with students were: don’t worry about opinions, love yourself, quit lying about if something pleases you when it really doesn’t and keeping it real.

Bean was clear he would be calling out members of the audience during his set. For this reason, many avoided the front row.

As a result, he chose students all around the auditorium. The jokes he made toward students were all in good fun and never hurtful.

When he ended his set, he allowed students to ask questions. One student asked if he could fix his laptop. After trying unsuccessfully to help, he instead gave the student $200.

Marsha Perry, a communications major with an emphasis in film & media arts, asked the comedian if he needed a radio personality or a videographer. He replied that he was having a show at an improv club and that he would pay her to film it. The audience applauded this enthusiastically.

“I’m really excited for this opportunity. It is a blessing” Perry said. “Sometimes the best thing to do is to ask, and you never know what will happen.”

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