Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Check out Deez Nachos at First Fridays

For a business that’s only been around for a couple of years, Deez Nachos food truck has quickly become a Kansas City staple. You might recognize it from the long lines it garners every month during First Fridays, or from the rave reviews it has received online.

The food truck celebrated its third anniversary last month. According to founder Dwight Tiller, it’s been a long journey to make it this far.

The idea for barbecue nachos first came about during a fundraising event in 2011. Tiller and his parents were serving lunch to the University Academy seniors when his father thought to mix the barbeque brisket with nacho chips.

The result was a unique and delicious snack. It would still be a while before Tiller got the idea to start Deez Nachos however.

The Tillers already had a food truck, but it continued to sit idle for the next couple of years. Then a conversation sparked between Tiller and his father.

Tillers’ father said, “What are we going to do with this food truck? I really want to do barbeque.” And his son’s reply was, “Barbeque is saturated in Kansas City, it’s the barbeque capital.”

That’s when his father suggested barbeque nachos, and that’s when the journey began.

Tiller started experimenting with cheese sauces, salsa and even homemade chips. From there, Deez Nachos was born.

The food truck got its start at Nates Swap Shop, where it took a few weeks to grow in sales. After taking some time to find their footing and grow the business, the Tillers eventually felt ready for First Fridays, one of the city’s busiest and liveliest events.

On its very first night, the truck sold out in 2 hours.

It wasn’t just beginners luck. Since then, Deez Nachos has sold out at every single First Fridays.

Over the last few years, one of the biggest obstacles has been getting the truck’s name out there and gaining steady business year-round.

As a growing, black-owned business, Deez Nachos has a lot to celebrate. Its barbeque nachos are unmatched, and after celebrating its third anniversary, demand is only growing.

The Tillers are expecting another sellout night this weekend, so make sure you stop by. The Monster Nachos, are a fan favorite but the truck caters to everyone, so feel free to get experimental.

Deez Nachos will be located with the other food trucks off 18th Street, between Grand and Baltimore. If you need help spotting it, just look for the red and white truck with an impressive line.

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