Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes at the KC Mystery Train

The cast of the KC Mystery Train.
The cast of the KC Mystery Train.

KC Mystery Train is a murder mystery dinner theater with you as a participant.

This is one of the most unique things I have experienced in Kansas City. KC Mystery Train performances are hosted by local KC restaurants.

I attended the performance at the Golden Ox restaurant located in the West Bottoms. The conductor was played by Director Wendy Thompson.

Before you are seated, you are given a pamphlet describing the setting, suspects, rules of the game and time period. Then, inside your pamphlet there is an envelope filled with three clues, 200 “dollars” to bribe the characters for information and your “book’em” sheet, which is like the game Clue.

You fill out who you think you are, with what weapon and motif. Then at the end of the night they pick the winner of the mystery. The performance is conducted in three acts, since it is a three-course meal.

As you are seated one of the actors approaches you to come up with an alias. This is where the role-playing begins. You are to assume the role of the time, which for this mystery was 1890s. As 7 p.m. hits the first act begins.

First, all the suspects are introduced. Also, note that four suspects are picked within the audience, so if you ever wanted to put your acting chops to use here is your opportunity.

The unique part of the KC Mystery Train is it sticks to Kansas City history. This mystery talks about William Rockhill Nelson and his project to bring art to Kansas City and squirrels to beautify the city’s parks.

I recommend reading the back of the pamphlet, which explains all of this so you know what is going because this is not a place where the actors break character.

At the end of every act you open one clue. The clues are puzzles that help you figure out who did it. The night I attended consisted of crossword puzzles, word searches and scramblers. During the time you are given to eat is when you talk to the characters about what they know and among the guests to figure out who did it.

After the three acts are over, the characters collect your “book’em” sheet. Then the characters behind the scene figure out who was the winner. Then the winner gets named best detective of the night.

This is really just a great opportunity to have fun, role-play and basically play a live form of Clue. You get so lost in the mystery that it’s truly an experience. All the characters are wonderful and really played their parts to a tee.

This mystery show goes through October 29th and then a new mystery begins. This is a great place for a date, birthday dinner or just some Halloween fun. For more information about schedules and tickets, go to

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