Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Change is good

Change is a good thing.

It is likely my brother and his wife are going to move to Chicago in a few weeks.

He is pursuing a new job opportunity that has presented itself, and I applaud his bravery for taking it on.

Am I going to miss him? Yes.

Am I excited for him? Yes.

Will I be all depressed about it? No.

My brother is my best friend and I wish him the best, even if it takes him away from family and friends in the Kansas City area.

These are not bad things, just unfortunate. There’s a difference.

Instead of looking at this like it’s a hassle or a hurdle to jump over, my brother is tackling it like it’s a new opportunity; it’s something to be explored and an experience to enjoy.

I have found myself overcoming the kneejerk reaction of sadness that precedes the imminent departure of a loved one. My brother’s attitude about the upcoming change is inspirational to me and has changed the way I will look at future events like this one.

Change can be good, and, for the most part, is good.

Instead of dreading a change in life, be it life at home or life at school, you should try to look at it as something exciting and challenging.

Life is too short to spend it dreading what might happen, let alone what will happen.

If you take a chance on something that might be a good experience, granted, you’re also taking a chance that you’ll have a bad experience. That is always going to be a possibility.

Historically, these risks often pay off with great experiences and wonderful stories that enrich life.

Imagine what would have happened if Martin Luther King had decided not to go forward with The Great March on Washington in 1963.

What if Franklin D. Roosevelt hadn’t said, “All we have to fear is fear itself,” in 1933?

Not every decision you make needs to have outcomes like that of Dr. King or President Roosevelt, I realize but every big decision is preceded by many little ones.

You have to take small steps before you can take the big ones.

If you’re on the fence about something hovering in your future, be it something family oriented or something more academic, take a moment to think of what could go right instead of what could go wrong.

Thinking about doing a semester studying abroad? Stop thinking about it and do it.

Thinking about changing your major? Take a class that explores it more – you might just find that you love it or you hate it.

If you try something and fail, you can at least say you tried it instead of being too afraid to even give it a chance.

If you’re too concerned about taking the risk to make those little decisions, to face the possible consequences of those decisions, then you’re bound to be stuck in a life of inopportunity, seclusion and boredom.

Take a chance, make a choice and stick to your guns. You never know what’s going to happen.

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