Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Latino/Latina Studies Program members hosted a luncheon to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month on Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Students and teachers gathered in Haag Hall to discuss the program as well as the importance of recognizing different cultures.

Attendees were instantly greeted with warm welcomes and smiles as they entered the room.

The event began with a light mixer in which food and drinks were offered and new faces were introduced to program and faculty members.

Dr. Theresa Torres, Associate Professor, was there to provide help to those looking to major or minor in Latino/Latina Studies.

Laughter filled the room as students and teachers shared stories with one another about their experiences within the program.

The event was casual and inviting, leaving no room for anyone to feel uncomfortable.

Hispanic Heritage month began on Thursday, Sept. 15 and will continue until Saturday, Oct. 15.


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