Sunday, January 24, 2021
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PINK LEMONADE with Kissy Lee & Astro

Autumn and Sam talk to Kissy Lee & Astro about drag, balloon art, marriage, and much more! Thirsty for more Pink Lemonade?Check out last week’s...

St. Patrick’s Day in KC

Thanks to the Irish, we have a day filled with parades, Guinness beer, shamrocks and hopefully a little luck. St. Patrick’s Day has become...

UMKC students to vote on proposed library fees

Would you benefit from longer study hours, increased security and more from UMKC Libraries? Probably so, but you’ll have to pay for it yourself.Between...

Sporting KC hangs on to defeat Philadelphia in home opener

Sporting KC defeated Philadelphia 2-0 Sunday in front of its home fans who anticipated the match all week. Although, Sporting KC was able to come...

Your future awaits: Bloch Executive Hall hosts non-profit job fair

About a dozen regional organizations descended upon Bloch Executive Hall last week to help UMKC students pursue potential jobs. There was a wide variety of...

Roo Report

U-News discusses the week’s top stories. Editor-in-Chief Sam Danley is a guest

One-pot bacon and broccoli mac and cheese

Cheap, easy and oh-so-creamy, this take on mac and cheese gives you a tasty, well-rounded meal in under an hour. It’s got your protein,...

How TAASU’s legacy lives on 50 years later

1968 was a turbulent year in the United States, particularly following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. While the fight to keep the...

Pink Lemonade with Boris Tudeth

Autumn and Sam talk to Boris Tudeth about Russian surf rock, Courtney Love, gold teeth, word play, and much more!

The real danger behind arming teachers

I used to teach English to middle schoolers. Once a month, my eighth graders and I spent an hour in “active shooter” drills. We crouched in a huddle...

PINK LEMONADE with Victor Shawn

Autumn and Sam talk to Victor Shawn about his 10 year drag career, problematic favs, avoiding drama, cartoons, and more!

UMKC welcomes first openly gay college wrestler

The first openly gay college wrestler, Justice Horn, was welcomed into the Roo family this 2019 spring semester. Horn first attended Northern State University, located...
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