Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Head Coach Billy Donlon on his vision for UMKC men’s basketball

UMKC welcomed Billy Donlon as the new head men's basketball coach last month. News Editor Cierra Howe sat down with him to talk...

Roo Report

This week guests included Assistant Director of LGBTQIA Programs and Services –Kari Jo Freudigmann and Student Government Association President Justice Horn. We discussed issues...

Roo Report

Roo Report

Roo Report

U-News discusses the week’s top stories. Editor-in-Chief Sam Danley is a guest

Roo Report

U-News discusses the week's top stories. Guests include Student-Athlete Internal Operations Director Alli Schomers , Editor-in-Chief Sam Danley and Social Media Editor Basma Al-Zadjali...

Video: Roos on guns

How much do UMKC students know about guns? We asked the campus community to answer some basic knowledge about guns and gun control. How...

Roos on the News: Would You Punch a Neo-Nazi?

University News goes to the students to get their take on violence towards contemporary white supremacists. Will it create martyrs? Is violence ever the...

Roos on the News: Do You Trust the Media?

University News asks the student body if they trust mainstream media outlets. How much bias is there? Does media play a part in creating...

Roos on the News: Students React to Alleged Rape on Campus

University News asks students about their reactions to the alleged rape in Johnson Hall. Does the school have a responsibility to notify the community?...
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