Monday, March 8, 2021
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Campus fast fact: Commencement


The flame on the logo represents UMKC’s as central place within the community. The colors and font used for the logo represent UMKC’s longevity.

Hoods, caps and gowns

There are two different types of gowns for the three collegiate degrees: bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral.

The bachelor’s and master’s degree share the same gown, black with stiff yokes and no adornments.

The doctoral gown is much more decorative. There is an exchange for velvet panels around the neck instead of the stiff yokes.

Hoods are kept for tradition. Initially they were used as shoulder capes to cover your head or as a bag for collecting alms.

The mortarboard or Oxford-style cap is based upon the commoner’s cap from the Middle Ages.

The Procession

The procession used during graduation is based upon clerical processions used in the Middle Ages. In general, the procession is led by students and followed by faculty, deans, organization presidents, trustees, curators and the chancellor or president.

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