Wednesday, April 28, 2021
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Campus Fact: Black Studies Program

The UMKC Black Studies Program house, located at 5305 Holmes Road, serves as an “academic unit that holistically examines the experience, contributions, and condition of African-descent peoples in the formation and evolution of American society and culture,” the Black Studies Program website says.

The Black Studies Program also outlines its focus on the website:

“Our focus extends to an examination of the active role of Africa and the African Diaspora in global society and human culture. The Black Studies Program through both a social scientific and a humanistic orientation provides a unique and rich approach to accessing and comprehending the human experience.”

The Black Studies Program has programs for both Undergraduate and Graduate students.

The Undergraduate minor in Black Studies is currently transitioning into a new program.

The Graduate path is a Master in Liberal Studies with a focus in Black Studies.

The Graduate path is currently being amended with a goal of producing a new program that can provide a certificate to graduate students who complete the program.

In addition to the minor in Black Studies and Masters in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Black Studies, the Black Studies Program provides various courses for any student from any academic discipline.

For more information about events and resources that the Black Studies Program provides, visit or email

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