Friday, January 14, 2022
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Bonobo Reigns as Downtempo King


Simon Green, a.k.a Bonobo, is a British producer involved in several progressive music genres including electronica, downtempo and acid jazz. He self-produced his debut album Animal Magic with record label Tru Thoughts in 2000. His career advanced through his 2013 release, The North Borders, a compilation that landed #1 on electronic charts in both the U.K. and the U.S.

As Bonobo, Green is a master at combining jazz compositions and soft electronic timbres. Ranging from upbeat house music to late night snooze vibrations, he overlaps a variety of sounds to create a new generation of downtempo. These techniques have brought about the project’s revolutionary new album, Migration.

Green has performed on four different continents in a short period of time. After having no substantial sense of home for three years, he decided to devote time for himself on the west coast to recollecting his travels. His nomadic days have resulted in an analysis of both himself and his experiences.

Green begins this album with a soft and comforting melody as he croons along to the first track, “Break Apart.” He later takes the base melody of this track and increases its speed to create the eighth (and very addicting) track, “Kerala.” It’s been proven by undisclosed sources that one cannot simply listen to “Kerala” and refrain from bobbing and swaying along, even if the song has been on repeat for a fourth or fifth time.

If you ever hop on the aux during an African tribal fire dance, be sure to play “Bambro Koyo Ganda,” which is arguably the most invigorating track on the album. Innov Gnawa, a band of Moroccan natives, also feature on this number with chants and hurrahs before it erupts with vitality.

As Migration progresses, Green illustrates his affinity for music in “No Reason” as he writes,

“Looking like soldiers waiting to drown
And I’m not around no more
And looking at people that don’t make a sound
When music’s around, stay warm…”

Nick Murphy, previously known as Chet Faker, lends his unmistakable vocals to this track. The two artists collaborate to subdue Green’s listeners with the final tracks on Migration, “7th Sevens” and “Figures.”

Each track on this album is an evolution of sound, stimulating an evolution of thought for Green’s listeners in order to create a story. These sonic tales may be interpretations of Bonobo’s own version of home, or perhaps a longing for one.

Bonobo will be performing May 13th at The Granada in Lawrence, KS.

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