Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Being No One, Going Nowhere: STRFKR’s Originality Inspires


The idea of self-actualization and discovering one’s true identity is a universal struggle—one that many people are never able to overcome. STRFKR’s Josh Hodges invents a new meaning of identity in the band’s recent release, Being No One, Going Nowhere. After a three-year hiatus since the release of their album Miracle Mile, the members of STRFKR continue their streak of extraterrestrial indie rock with this relatable album.

The record opens with “Tape Machine,” a track resonating with oddly satisfying sound effects that seem to be pulled from a Battlestar Galactica scene. These sounds perfectly compliment the aqueous and xylophonic timbres that make up STRFKR’s unique compositions. At this point, STRFKR “virgins” may be wondering if these artists are descendants of beings from our outer universe, producing music inspired by elements that are common on their home planet.

But even famous aliens know the feeling of wretched hopelessness and uncertainty. From a lyrical standpoint, Hodges uses this collection as a chance to express the band’s philosophical outlook on selfhood, individuality and purpose. To believe we are in fact no one, going nowhere, is a common feeling to have at some point in our lives. STRFKR kept this in mind as they aim to reach their listeners on a deeper level. Positive words of philosopher Alan Watts are featured in this album’s interlude, “Interspace”: “There is another self, more really ‘us’ than ‘I.’ And if you become aware of that unknown self—the more you become aware of it—the more you realize that it is inseparably connected with everything else that there is. That you are a function of this total galaxy.”

This is a quote with the potential to make the “nobodies” feel like somebody.

If we are lucky, some of us are able to find somebody that can take away our “nobody” feeling. The captivating melody of “When I’m With You” brings the ambivalence of love into play when contemplating true identity.

“I become a devil when I’m with you/dance around my shadow and let it through,” Hodges vibrantly sings. “And all that I needed was inside all along/What does it mean now to be yourself?”

These lyrics might suggest that our definitions of self can become vulnerable to love and often times skewed by the blinding effects it has on us. Although it is exhilarating to believe in an “other half,” it may just inhibit us from growing into a whole.

This musical articulation of selfhood comes to a close with an outro that pertains most to the title of the album. STRFKR uplifts their listeners, encouraging that they becoming more satisfied with whoever they are and wherever they’re going as the track repetitively croons, “You’re alright where you are/Being no one,/Going nowhere.”


 Find STRFKR’s newest release on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, or a full-album stream on their Facebook page. Album also available on vinyl.

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