Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Athletics Task Force pushes sports report release

The CIE (Committee on Institutional Efficiency) Athletic Task Force announced this past week at a Senate faculty meeting that the release date of the Athletic Preliminary Report will be pushed back to mid October.

Anthony Luppino, co-chair of CIE Athletics Task Force, law professor and director of entrepreneurship programs at the Bloch School, also announced that the task force would not be offering any recommendations on whether UMKC should remain Division 1 or drop down to Division 2 or if UMKC would switch conferences.

“We were hoping to be done by today, Sept. 9, but we think we will be done by mid-October,” Luppino said. “When our report does come out, we are not going to be recommending any specific division or conference. We feel that would be premature, especially with the external study going on.”

The CIE Athletics Task Force report was designed to answer three questions: should UMKC have intercollegiate athletics at all, if so should they stay in Division 1 or drop to Division 2? If UMKC remains Division 1, which conference should they be a part of?

When the report is released, Luppino said there would be specific data detailing those three central questions.

Luppino says although the task force will not be making recommendations of Division change, a majority of the Athletic Task Force agrees that there are reasons for UMKC to remain in Division 1 athletics.

“We do think there are strategic reasons of which we will spell out and we will be citing support for them in the report,” Luppino forecasted.

The next Senate Faculty meeting will be Oct. 3.

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