Friday, January 21, 2022
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Athletic student involvement

Students at UMKC report a hard time knowing when athletic events happen on campus due to “lack of promotion and incentives.”

Sophomore Jackson Broadwater said he has never seen a poster or any type of athletics promotion around campus. He hears about sporting events only through friends, despite living close to campus.

Similarly, many students feel they have to be very active on campus to hear about these events.

Donnie Rodulfo, a freshman and supporter of UMKC’s volleyball team, said his first year at UMKC is turning out differently than he expected.

“I didn’t feel like I was informed unless I went out of my way,” said Rodulfo. “I feel that they should give us [more] information.”

Other students feel there are not enough incentives for students to go to games.

UMKC student Melba Reyes an avid supporter of basketball, volleyball and soccer says students need motivation to attend.

“When there is free stuff people go,” Reyes said.

Student involvement proves important for the university, but also for student athletes.

Former UMKC basketball player Noah Knight always preferred bigger crowds.

“When you have more people in the stands cheering for you, it really helps,” said Knight.

Even though students see a low turnout at games, UMKC’s Athletic Department said the support to UMKC is expanding.

“Student attendance continues to grow, and we are excited with the manner in which UMKC students engage with their campus community, including athletic events,” said Carla Wilson, UMKC’s Director of Athletics.

Regarding student concerns about the lack of promotion for athletic events, the Athletic Department said it is continuing to work towards reaching a bigger audience.

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