Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Artist Profile: Devin Rumley

‘Elephant’ created by Devin Rumley
‘Elephant’ created by Devin Rumley

Freshman Devin Rumley, a self-proclaimed art history buff, doesn’t know exactly why she loves art.

“There’s something about the act of creating that just draws me. No pun intended,” she said with a laugh.

Digital design is her medium of choice.

“It’s a way to express myself without the limits of paper,” she said, though she added she “loves the feel of charcoal.”

Adobe Photoshop is Rumley’s canvas and paint, while animals are her star subjects. Her personal favorite piece is a portrait she took of an elephant.

“I love animals,” she said.

However, she draws her inspiration from a source much bigger than an elephant.

“I’ve seen so many negative things in this world, and I draw my creativity out of that. My art conveys my feelings, but also the reality of society as a whole,” she said.

Rumley describes her work as “mysterious,” but it’s no mystery her art is amazing. She has been featured in many different galleries, including the Overland Park Convention Center.

A number of her pieces have even been sold to admiring buyers.

Another of her prized pieces is a portrait of Guy Berryman, the bassist for the band Coldplay, done entirely by hand in small dots. Rumley admits to spending over 50 hours on the piece.

An art history major, Rumley’s dream is to teach art at the collegiate level or become a museum curator.

“There’s something about taking what you know and sharing it with others,” she said. “It’s so gratifying.”

She attributes her first interest in art to a high school teacher.

“Art is not about being creative, it’s about expressing yourself,” she said, smiling.


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