Arctic Anthems

“Boy With A Coin” – Iron and Wine

The hypnotic, stripped rhythm of singer-songwriter Samuel Beam’s “Boy With A Coin” pairs perfectly with a pair of mittens and a warm cup of coffee on an early-morning commute to class.

“Fire” – Noah Gundersen

Folk artist Noah Gundersen writes songs that sound like the musical equivalents of Norse kennings. He’s a master of the somber journey, a concept which a lot of us can relate to during the winter months.

“Heaven” – I Monster

This song sounds like an icy music box on a perpetual loop in David Lynch’s most erotic dreams. Coincidentally, it’s a good one to listen to while napping.

“Pioneer to the Falls” – Interpol

Interpol was formed in the late 90’s and rose to fame with the release of its debut album “Turn On The Bright Lights” in 2002. On this piece Paul Banks’ low, thick voice brings to mind the gray skies of the moment right before it snows, and the band’s music as a whole brings to mind the perfect, muted silence after.

“Nightcall” – Kavinsky

Some of you might know this 80’s-esque electronic track from the soundtrack to the motion picture “Drive.” Its cold minor melody is ideal for nighttime car rides in December as the neons of the city pass over your stoic face.

“Blue Dress” – Depeche Mode

Though a little dated, “Blue Dress” is an incredibly intimate song that’s excellent for donning a fleece robe and staring out your window at the descending midnight snowflakes.

“The Ballad of Fiedler and Mundt” – Disparition

This instrumental piece is used as the theme for popular podcast “Welcome to Night Vale,” but it works just as well as a score for wandering around aimlessly in the snow while red radio tower lights blink in the distance.

“Comin’ Home” – City and Colour

Many of us return home in the winter to visit our families, and this song beautiful acoustic piece embodies the belief that nowhere else in the world is a better place to be than home with the one (or ones) you love.

“A Real Clever Trick Fur A Bear” – Analog Rebellion

This track creates a pleasant winter ambience with lead singer Daniel Hunter’s smooth vocals, a lazy beat, lulling synth riffs and an eerie melody. Hunter’s music is perfect for a dreary winter day.

“Broken Horse” – Freelance Whales

Does a wintrier track exist? Front man Judah Dadone croons “You swept all the red from my cheeks / I didn’t hear you come back inside / I light up the gas in the den / and stand there in the thin winter light” against a beautifully minor guitar riff.

“Apres Moi” – Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor is princess of the haunted melody, which is a staple for any winter playlist. “Apres Moi” is no exception to that rule.

“Spit It Out” – IAMX

Chris Corner, the mastermind behind IAMX, seems to have somehow stolen the sound of early-January winds through the naked branches of trees and replaced his normal human voice with it. “Spit It Out” is one of his more upbeat numbers, and would not be out of place on a winter exercise playlist.

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