Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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‘And my heart will go on,’ for Celine Dion

As a music fanatic, I enjoy all types of music, from the latest song playing on the radio to listening to film scores. By no means I am an authority of music. I just enjoy and appreciate the art.

Recently, I saw a special about Celine Dion’s life now and her new Las Vegas show at Caesar’s Palace. She is a music icon from Oscar winner to Grammy winner.

The Titanic theme song would not be the same without her voice. Her iconic voice is one thing, but watching her as a person was another element. She is a true lady.

She is a great role model for any one. Her discipline, warmth toward others, and class totally set her apart.

She treats her staff with such kindness and acts with such grace that it made me admire her more. She goes into detail about why she picked certain songs for the show and getting to know that part of her creative process amazed me. Her thoughts and telling of her life just gives another aspect of a true artist.

I cannot wait to go see her in concert. The parts of the show gave me goose bumps, even though I was just watching it on TV. So I am sure in person it is even better. Looks like my list of heroines has been extended once more.

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