Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Aminé set to headline Rootopia 2019

Like this artist’s hit song, Rootopia reeled in Aminé for this year’s on-campus concert taking place April 25, from 8-10 p.m.

Rootopia announced on Facebook and Twitter that he will headline the concert “with a special guest” in tow.

This was followed by a frenzy among many students like sophomore Aliah Fisher, who said, “I was so excited when I saw he was coming to UMKC, I already bought a ticket.”

Aminé is an alternative hip hop artist with a unique personality that comes to life in his music and performances. His hit single, “Caroline,” released in 2016, gained him name recognition among millions and a record deal with Republic Records.

According to Republic Records, Aminé said, “‘With ‘Caroline,’ I wanted to make an encouraging and fun record.’”

He did exactly that and then some with this record and several others that have followed, especially on his “Good for You” album.

He recently released the album “ONEPOINTFIVE” which takes a darker turn and addresses his struggles with mental health and the stigma that men can’t talk about their feelings.

Several students, like sophomore Makayla Booker, struggle to compare him or his music to any of today’s hip hop or rap artists.

“I describe his personality as wild and really laid back at the same time,” Booker said. “Musically, I don’t think there is anyone like him.”

Aminé increases his uniqueness by adding commentary before many of his songs. In his “Good for You” album, it was banter and conversations between him and his friends. For “ONEPOINTFIVE”, he had Youtuber Rickey Thompson do commentary before and sometimes after each song on the album.

He is currently on his “TOURPOINTFIVE” tour and has several music festivals lined up soon.

UMKC’s Aminé concert is hosted by Rootopia, which brings someone new to campus every spring. In the past, they’ve hosted artists like Drake, Rihanna and We The Kings. Having these artists come to campus is a way to connect students through one common interest.

Just ask junior Bella Vadovicky: “Having a concert with a better known artist is an awesome thing that UMKC offers.”

Rootopia sent a survey out to the student body in the fall to find out who they wanted to see. Though Aminé wasn’t on the survey, he was suggested by many students.

Ciara Turner, Rootopia chairperson, said, “We want to continue to provide a lasting experience for students to enjoy, but at the same time we want the students to feel heard about who or what they want to see on campus.”

Tickets are $15 for students and $30 for the general public. They can be bought at the central ticket office inside the James C. Olson Performing Arts Center or online at

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