Ambitiously “EVOL”

The Atlanta rapper, Future, is back at it again with his newest album, “EVOL,” which is love spelled backwards. The full length album “EVOL” was released on iTunes on Sat., Feb. 6th, less than a month after the release of his surprise mixtape, “Purple Reign.”



Future continues to dominate rap with each new project he releases. “EVOL” is the rapper’s fourth full length album and includes 11 tracks that prove Future’s confidence and progress as an upcoming rap artist.



The album is packed with unique song titles like “Xanny Family” and “Lil Haiti Baby.” Most of the songs on the album offer listeners surprisingly vivid lyrics that convey his confidence as a rapper and tell his story as he builds his musical empire.



Two essential songs on the album “EVOL” include, “Lie to Me” and “Low Life.” The bitter lyrics in the song “Lie to Me” can be seen as a shot at Young Thug because of some nasty tweets exchanged between the two on Twitter back in November. The song, “Low Life” is a captivating and memorable collaboration between Future and The Weeknd.



Future is scheduled to stop in Kansas City at UMKC on April 28th at the Swinney Recreation Center, 5030 Holmes, Kansas City, MO. Tickets for the April 28th concert went on sale Monday, Feb. 8th through the UMKC Central Ticket Office. Tickets are $20 each for currently enrolled students.



Future’s newest album is no doubt an ambitious release, but the album is also evidence of an evolving rapper who knows his worth. “EVOL” is a milestone in the peak of Future’s musical career and most definitely an album that deserves a listen. “EVOL” can be purchased on iTunes for $10.99.

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