Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Album Review: Lonnie McFadden’s Live at Green Lady Lounge

Lonnie McFadden’s Live at Green Lady Lounge will transport listeners to a night full of energy, storytelling, dance and a whole lot of good jazz. Kansas City native McFadden is a multi-faceted artist whose skills include playing trumpet, singing and tap dancing, all of which are featured on this album. He is joined on Live at Green Lady Lounge by DeAndre Manning on bass, Tyree Johnson on drums and Andrew Ouellette on piano.

This album has it all with upbeat jams like “In the Club” by McFadden and Johnson and “Get Ready” by Manning to smoother numbers like “In the Basement” by McFadden, who introduces Oullette’s “Voyager” as “The most progressive song that I’ve ever tried to play.” The name is fitting for this adventurous piece that highlights Ouellette’s piano skills.

McFadden showcases his beautiful vocals on “What a Wonderful World” by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss and dedicates it to those who have served in the military. He concludes with his well-known tap dancing and ends the album with a burst of energy and excitement that had the live audience audibly joining in on the fun.

McFadden calls himself “a Kansas City jazz man”, and on this album he takes listeners all the way through his musical journey, from the first song that he wrote to the new music of Manning, Johnson and Ouellette. It is both nostalgic and progressive, all recorded live in the Green Lady Lounge, leaving listeners fully immersed in Kansas City jazz.

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