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Academic journal emits academia on every page

In 2005, the undergraduate peer-reviewed academic journal “Lucerna” debuted at UMKC.

The first editor-in-chief, Joshua Earlenbaugh, explained the reasoning for naming the publication “Lucerna,” which is Latin for light.

“Light has often been used as a metaphor for knowledge,” Earlenbaugh said. “But knowledge, like light, must have its source. The hope suggested by the journal’s title is that UMKC student research should be this source of knowledge, this light.”

Since 2005, “Lucerna” has illuminated the talents of several young scholars in each of its annual issues.

The featured articles stem from the work of students researching the sciences, social sciences and humanities.

The most recent issue includes work as varied as Nick Ball’s article on Fibonacci’s method for finding the square root of integers to Jennifer Garnett’s work on tattoos.

Student from the honors program select the articles that will be published each year on a volunteer basis.

All of the research is presented to the Honors students anonymously, so they do not know who has written the work they are reading.

Each article submitted must be reviewed by at least three students, and they judge them on factors such as clarity, organization and the effectiveness of the arguments presented.

An editorial board of students facilitates each issue’s organization and design.

“The research presented in [‘Lucerna’] provides a very inspiring and informative collection of papers. I am very humbled by the amount of excellent material presented,” said 2010 editor-in-chief Thomas Nienaber.

The “Lucerna” submission dates for Spring 2011 will begin soon.

Undergraduates may send their work in any time between March 21 and May 6.

Those submitting can send up to two papers. The papers must be accompanied by an entry form from the Honors Program website and cannot contain their name or the name of their professor on the actual work so it can be read by other students anonymously.

The articles must be between 2,000 and 6,000 words and must be original work that has been completed at UMKC.

For more information, students can contact editor-in-chief Michele Smith at


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