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A New year for SGA

Patricia Barra News Editor

Klassie Alcine, President of the Student Government Association (SGA), brings new direction for the 2010-11 School Year.

There are new events, technology and initiatives. In addition, they have changed their constitution and bylaws and added an ethics code.

This year they want to put more focus on commuter students. SGA will be streaming their meetings on their website so students have greater access to the meetings. They also will host “Commuter Connection” events throughout the year.

SGA plans to host dances, the Robert F. Kennedy Symposium, ice cream socials and other events to be announced.

Their biggest event coming up is the Robot Dance, which is cosponsored by University Libraries and is inspired by the newly installed robotic sorting system at the Miller Nichols Library.

SGA is trying to break the Guinness World Record for the most people dancing robotically at once. The current record is 429, set by Whitgift Independent School in London.

As for new technology, SGA set up new chambers located in the new Student Union with microphones and boardroom sense to stream meetings live more easily. They also adopted a clicker system so students can key in votes and stay anonymous.

The initiatives this year will include free transportation, green movements, event sponsorship and focus on the urban community.

SGA wants to work with Boys and Girls Town and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Kansas City to promote college attendance. SGA has yet to set dates for these events, but will keep students posted for updates.

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