Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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A look at the Office of Student Involvement: Coordinator strives to make UMKC a better place for students

LaShaundra Randolph, coordinator for student activities with the Office of Student Involvement, holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and juvenile delinquency and a master’s degree in higher education administration.

Outside the office, she volunteers, mentors, travels and partakes in motivational speaking.

“My interactions with students vary day to day, but my role is to help them grow and develop as a leader who takes pride in their education, university, and the community of which reside,” she said.

Randolph said the best part of her job is her interaction with students.

“They are a constant reminder of why I love what I do and chose to work in the field of higher education,” she said.

To better utilize the Office of Student Involvement, Randolph said students should take the time to know what the office has to offer.

“There is something for everyone here and we serve as a resource, listening ear, and want to motivate you to your fullest potential,” she said.

Randolph also has a few goals in mind to help make UMKC a better place for students.

“To serve as a constant reminder that education can happen beyond the classroom,” she said. “To have any student I interact with gain valuable tools to help them be ‘model citizens’ upon graduation.

And to provide mentoring and serve as a role model for people of color.”

Randolph said her work environment is open and resourceful, and everyone in the office plays an integral role.

Her duties include advising the Activity and Program Council, training, supervising and evaluating the graduate assistants, helping to coordinate event planning and programming and representing the office during leadership training, team building exercises and special committees and projects.


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