A glimpse inside Kasey the Kangaroo, UMKC’s mascot

The mascot is one person who rarely gets attention, but on the sidelines of games and events the Kangaroo serves as UMKC’s biggest hype man.

Inside Kasey the Kangaroo is a UMKC student who is just like any other student. They might be your classmate, your friend or a total stranger. U-News sat down with the student behind the mask to see what it’s like being the school’s mascot.

How did you become the mascot and why did you want to become the mascot?

It’s not a complicated reason, I got an email from my boss who said that they were looking for a mascot. I was the only one who responded, I was like “that’s sounds like fun, sure!”

What did you do to prepare for it?

I just watched popular mascot videos and tried to imitate it. I didn’t think I was good at it and still don’t think I was good at it. But I met with a professional mascot through Sporting KC and I got to hang out with him, and we just chatted it up and tried to emulate him.

What is your favorite part of being the mascot?

There are a lot of weird opportunities. The Kansas City Symphony wants me to role play in “Peter and the Wolf,” so I get to be in a play. You also get to act a fool at the game and no one knows. Also, people throw their babies at you.

How does your partner feel about you being the mascot?

Oh yeah, she is my biggest fan. She comes to a lot of the games and roots me on, she is very supportive.

How do you try to portray the mascot?

Ultimately I dress up as a kangaroo. I’m not trying to be a kangaroo, I’m just trying to have fun and portray that in a visual manner, everything must be bigger.

Do you prepare before a game to be the mascot?

I just go in an hour before the game. I try to learn the dance moves, but I’m not a very good dancer.

How does it feel to be inside the mascot?

It is definitely warm. It feels untouchable, its cool, well not cool because it’s actually very hot. It’s very heavy and hot, but when you have it on you are a new person.


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