Monday, March 8, 2021
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A firsthand account of Super Bowl LLI

Ally Hanson

Being from Minnesota, I knew I needed to make a trip home for Super Bowl LII. This year’s

game was hosted in Minneapolis at the brand new U.S Bank Stadium. The Eagles and Patriots

made for a very patriotic Super Bowl experience.

I arrived in Minneapolis Saturday afternoon. The inner-city freeways were busier than I had ever seen. What would typically have been a 10- minute drive to downtown Minneapolis, became a 30 to 40- minute drive in. The interstate was filled with license plates from all over the country.

Our first stop was a visit to a restaurant and bar about a block from the dome. Restaurants had up-priced their menu to triple the price. A menu item that was originally $10-$12 , now sold for around $30.  Entrees were ticketed at $50-80. Seeing these menu item prices blew my mind, yet the restaurants were completely filled, with people waiting out the door. Everything from food to transportation was surged to the max. My five minute Uber cost me almost $25, when in the past it would have been no more than seven dollars.

On average, it cost one person $5,000 to attended the Super Bowl.

The streets of downtown were filled with screaming, enthusiastic Eagles and Patriot fans. As well as many locals still sporting their Vikings gear, myself included. The city had lots of different pop-up art shows, a couple I had to checkout. The art emphasized Minnesota values and many things the city is known for, much like we do here in Kansas City. On the other hand, drama between Eagles and Vikings fans had created many issues within the city. Everything from Ubers, hotels and even bartenders, were refusing to serve anyone seen in Eagles gear.

The game began at 7 pm. The streets of downtown were soon empty and the bars and dome quickly filled. The negative 13-degree night made for a bitter Super Bowl experience. Justin Timberlake’s performance was amazing. He added emotion to his performance by paying tribute to Prince, a native to Minneapolis.

The Patriots fell to the Eagles, 33 to 41, creating an exciting and close game. The bars and streets seemed to quickly empty after the win. I started to notice the small number of Eagles fans in Minneapolis. The fans seen in Patriots jerseys outnumbered ones in Philly gear. No riots in Minnesota over the win, which was a completely different picture over in Philadelphia.

The city handled the massive event extremely well. As the Super Bowl hype quickly ended in

Minneapolis, Philadelphia continues celebrating the victory, and will be for awhile.


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