Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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A dangerous time to be a pedestrian

Autumn is the most deadly season for pedestrians, according to the National Pedestrian Crash Report. The highest percentages are ages 16-20 at 11.1 percent and ages 21-25 at 12.1 percent, the ages of the typical college student.

A commuter myself, I would appreciate if students would avoid being human bowling pins by not crossing the road wherever they please. Pay attention when walking in front of a hefty metal killing machine like a car.

On any given day of the week, I can drive through campus and have to stop many times, until I’m nearly late for my class because students walking really prefer to cross the street in places that are not designated cross walks.

I would like all pedestrians to know that when I come at you with my beat-up 1998 Taurus with the headlight busted, I merely do it to get your heart going.

Fear not, timid college kid walking to school who decided to walk straight out in front of me near the Rockhill parking garage.

That headlight is not busted from the last kid I blew off the road and I simply come at you to wake you up a little.

But just because I didn’t hit you doesn’t mean you have to walk as slow as you possibly can. It’s beautiful out and all, but that doesn’t mean you have to bask in the beauty of fall while sauntering slowly across the street.

I have places to be. Enjoy the weather from the sidewalk.

I understand that it’s faster to cross right in the middle of the road versus at each end – I walked everywhere last year, too.

It’s just more convenient, I know, but please be considerate and more importantly, be smart. It’s really for your own good that I’m telling you this. It’s not surprising that young adults our age are the most dangerous drivers of all. We have 10 million things to distract us.

Although I pay very close attention to when and where you walk, others do not. I’ve seen an almost-accident more than a few times.

Don’t let that almost be you and do us all the favor of crossing where you should.

The number one cause of pedestrian accidents on the pedestrian’s part, is improper crossing, coming in at 27.3 percent. Don’t become a part of those numbers.

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