5 ways for single people to survive Valentine’s Day

Many students may be boo’d up for Valentine’s Day. I know for a fact there will be a few single people, like me, who will have to navigate the lovey-dovey atmosphere with no partner by their side.

For those who must survive Valentine’s Day, this is dedicated to you and your loneliness.

Get Lit

There’s no reason to be sad on Valentine’s Day. If anything, it is a great day to get lit. Find a friend and act like partners, then go out and take advantage of all the Valentine’s Day couples deals. Who knows, you might end up together at the end of the night.

Go To Sleep

Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year. Technically it’s still a school night, so just treat it like any other day: get your homework done, put pajamas on, and go to sleep. Goodnight.

Netflix and Chill

Literally Netflix and chill. You can watch Netflix and not worry about anyone bothering you trying to…you know. Since it’s the day of love, you might even get through a whole movie without your friends in relationships bothering you with their relationship problems.

90’s Rap Music

There’s something about 90’s rap music that makes people hype. If you get hype about yourself, I’m sure you won’t be worried about someone who could’ve been your future ex-wife or husband.

Third Wheeling

I mean why not? If people think you’ll be miserable on this day of love, wrong. Make them miserable. Go out with a friend who is in a relationship and third wheel. I mean it’s not like they’ll say no; they already feel bad for you.


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