Friday, May 27, 2022
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Five things to do in KC before summer ends


There are approximately 90 days of summer. Just because classes have started doesn’t mean the season itself is over. Kansas City is filled with dozens of events and festivals that are still going on all over the metro area. With so much to choose from, it’s important to pick the most enjoyable things to do. So, we’ve done the leg work for you and picked five things you should do before summer is over. 

1. Roanoke “Adult” Park

It’s not specifically called an adult park, but the equipment is not something you should allow a child on. With an enormous rope jungle gym and a metal zipline, this is a great place to go with friends to be a kid again. It even includes the classics—swings and a carousel—to truly transport you back to your childhood. It’s the perfect place to relieve any stress from your life.

2. City Market

The City Market has amazing food, drinks and fun all in one place. It’s a great spot to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning, alone or with a group of friends. It hosts several vendors for fruit, spices and other various products and even has vendors for wildflowers. What better way to get that Instagram worthy photograph?

3. Open Sessions

Open Sessions is hosted every other Tuesday in the Buffalo Room of the Westport Flea Market. The types of sessions alternate, so whether you’re a poet or you want to add a beat to it and become a singer for a night, it’s worth checking out. This welcoming space is open to supporting vocal or visual artists of any sort.

4. Third Thursday at The Nelson Atkins

Are you into art, drinks and a good time? If so, check out Third Thursday at the Nelson Atkins Museum. Complete with background music and drinks to keep the fun going, this is a great event to attend, summertime or not. They set up several games to play with all the new, great people you’ll meet going to Third Thursdays.

5. Unicorn Theatre

The Unicorn Theatre is a great local theater that hosts several small productions throughout its rolling production year. Starting Sep. 4, it will be putting on a musical production called, “Who’s Your Baghdaddy? Or How I Started the Iraq War.” According to its website, “Baghdaddy takes a witty and irreverent look at the questionable intelligence and hubris that led to one of the most colossal military blunders in recent history.” And if that doesn’t seem interesting enough, shows are “Pay What U Can” every Tuesday through Thursday.

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