Thursday, January 27, 2022
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5 resources every student should know about


Student Id: The Student I.D. doubles as a bus pass for local transit. Buses typically run frequently and go to popular destinations such as Waldo, Westport, and the Plaza.

Computer Labs with printing: Students start out with $30.00 printing money, which can come in handy. On UMKC’s website, you can find computer lab locations for Volker, Hospital Hill, and Residence halls, along with hours.

 Diversity of clubs & groups: Many different clubs help direct students towards other people who share similar interests. Visit UMKC’s Diversity and Inclusion page to see the full list of Campus Resources.

Academic tutoring and mentoring: UMKC provides students with services such as helping write a resume, picking out clothes to wear to an interview, and peer reviews on essays.

Grants & Scholarships: Visit UMKC’s Financial Aid website to see scholarships (they’re labeled as “gift aid”, which means they don’t need to be paid back. You can also find information about grants (which are based on financial need).

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