Monday, March 8, 2021
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5 packing tips for summer travelers

Fighting with inanimate objects is never a good sign, and packing a suitcase often ends with one jumping and sitting on it with the hope it’ll eventually close. I’m a relentless overpacker, but after some trial and error, I think I’ve discovered what works best. So, before heading on your summer adventures, save yourself from the hassles of overpacking by following these useful tips for packing a suitcase.

1. Make a list and plan your outfits out ahead of time

Not only will this help you eliminate what you really don’t need, but it will also help you keep track of your items while traveling. Also, having your outfits already planned out will save you time from trying to decide what to wear.

2. Roll your clothes

This might as well be the golden rule of packing. It saves space and prevents wrinkles. Take it a step further by investing in packing cubes. It makes organizing your clothes easy and keeps them safe. Ziploc even makes space bag travel cubes that create airtight storage for even more room. Bonus tip: Throw some dryer sheets in with your clothes to keep them smelling fresh.

3. Carry on essentials

People never think it will happen to them, but suitcases can often go missing, and there is nothing you can do. Prepare for the worst case scenario by having everything important in your carry-on, along with extra clothes. Bonus tip: Consider getting a neck pillow, especially if you are traveling overseas. Flights can be long, and a neck pillow provides a little extra comfort in a mostly uncomfortable situation.

4. Electronics, electronics, electronics

For starters, always pack your electronics in your carry-on. If possible, bring an iPad over a laptop because they are lighter and can be used as an eBook. Bring an external charger with you on long days of sightseeing, especially if you plan on using your phone as your camera. Lastly, if you are willing to splurge, invest in a GoPro because its small size makes it easier to travel with.

5. Leave extra space

When I was in Europe, I did not have any extra room in my suitcase, so before heading home, I had to buy another suitcase just to hold my souvenirs. There are always things you may want to pack just in case, but if you can’t decide, then leave it at home. If you end up needing an item, you can always buy it. Don’t make the same mistake I did, which resulted in me having to check another bag at the airport. Plan ahead by saving the space for souvenirs.

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