5 kickback necessities

As summer approaches, many of us college students are excited to get lit. Kickbacks are one of the best ways to do just that. Here are five things you absolutely need to have the best kickback this summer.

It is a requirement that you have a loudspeaker at your kickback. For some reason there’s always that person that trash talks your whack speaker, so make sure to have a loudspeaker to shut them up when they do.

Dope Music
If you are going to have a loudspeaker, you need dope music. I have many groups of friends, and they don’t all have the same taste. Before the kickback, create a playlist for the group, then trade off now and then to let someone else DJ.

Lots of snacks

At a certain point, everyone will have the munchies. Make sure to have a lot of snacks. Go wild with the chip bags and the gummies. They come through when you are h… lit.

Good People
Somehow there is always that one person that kills the vibe at a kickback. You just want to throw them away. You never invited them, but they always happen to come with someone else. When inviting people, invite good people, and make sure to say, “If you want to invite someone, please let me know first.” If they ask why, blame it on the space or amount of food.

Clean Bathroom
The bathroom will most likely be the chill spot for many people. Make sure that the bathroom is clean. You don’t want to be judged on your bathroom, and the bathroom of a person says a lot about them.

Now that I’ve provided the top five things for a kickback, I hope you have a dope and safe summer.


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