Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Rapping, Rhyming and Guitars at Karaoke


UMKC students and other performers sang the music of their choice on the mini stage last Friday at the Student Union coffeehouse. Performances ranged from original songs to covers at the karaoke session, which was open to all students and non-students with tunes to share.

The first performer of the night was Eric Byler, who was not a student of UMKC but came because of the Christian ministry he was in. He found out through other students on campus and decided to acoustically rap about Jesus. Byler is part of the Luke 18 project. His fast rapping and rhyming not only got him applause from the few attending, but also from those playing pool and pingpong. He performed two of his original pieces that evening.

Some performed songs while a backing track played in the background. One student brought her guitar, and another singer heard about the event thanks to the last open mic night. Not many people attended but those few who were present cheered each other on. Overall, it was a pleasant, entertaining and mutually supportive campus experience.

Amina Dalton sings “Ordinary People” by John Legend.
Amina Dalton sings “Ordinary People” by John Legend.

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