Samyra Wade

Samyra Wade Means Business

Business Administration | Henry W. Bloch School of Management
Graduation Year: 2017

Where is UMKC taking you?

I want to own a successful business. UMKC has all the knowledge I need to start a business successfully. They have great connections. A great network can take you far in what you want to do.

Why did you choose UMKC?

I liked how organized the school is. People really care about you. They help you do well and graduate. There are a lot of organizations to get involved in. It’s really diverse.

“Believe in yourself no matter the situation.

Why business?

I started as a pre-health major because I wanted to be a veterinarian, but it’s too much right now. I’d like to own my own clothing line (on the side) and be a pharmaceutical rep.

How has college inspired you?

Mentally it has prepared me for the real world and has inspired me to believe more in myself and what I can become.

Since entering college, what have you learned about yourself?

I have learned that I am a very reserved but outspoken person, if that makes sense, and intelligent in many ways I’ve never thought.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received from a professor?

Believe in yourself no matter the situation.

What are your lifelong goals?

I want to have my own clothing line, that’s my main goal, but since there are so many people in the fashion industry, I want to do it on the side and focus on another career full time.

What motto do you live by?

Work hard now; have fun later. I do like to have fun now, but if I’m doing a paper I know I need to do it now, and then have fun afterward. It will pay off later.

What excites you?

I like to be busy and love to travel. I love fashion. I’d like to design blouses. I love joggers, like the MC Hammer-type joggers, but with floral patterns. I’ve got lots of ideas.

I like shopping and good grades make me happy.

What is one word that best describes you?

Mysterious. You never know what to expect of me because I’m filled with a lot of personality.