Jaspreet Singh

Student Entrepreneur of the Year Jaspreet Singh is Flying High

Enterprise Management | Henry W. Bloch School of Management | Student Entrepreneur of the Year
Graduation Year: 2015

Where is UMKC taking you?

All over the world with the internships I’ve had with United Airlines. Japan, England, Belgium, Scotland, Canada, Guam and Switzerland are a few of the places I’ve traveled. And to a job as soon as I graduate, also with United Airlines. I am going to be an associate analyst in pricing management.

What led you to UMKC?

UMKC’s partnership with Blue Valley Schools CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) program in high school. It was a good, natural progression.

“I want to be a driving force for innovation in the airline industry. I hope to start my own airline.”

What do you admire most at UMKC?

I love the combination of “college town” and “city life.” Being near the heart of Kansas City has allowed for a richer college experience that allowed me to have professional internship experiences while going to school, which many other universities can’t offer, and that allowed me to experience the great things that make up Kansas City.

You recently were named the Student Entrepreneur of the Year at UMKC.

I’m extremely excited to have won this. I was a finalist my freshman year so this was sweet. I’m in the process of launching Flyer Crate, a subscription service for luxury travel goods delivered monthly to frequent flyers.

How has your college program inspired you?

College has inspired me to push myself further to be the best version of me that I can be. It has motivated me to expand my network and get out of my comfort zone and focus on personal and professional goals.

Since entering college, what have you learned about yourself?

I learned that anything is possible with determination. I was able to pay my own way through school by working, sometimes multiple jobs at a time while taking a full class load, and also applying for and being awarded scholarships. I underwent a large health transformation in my time at UMKC; I lost more than 80 pounds by changing eating and workout habits. I also obtained extremely competitive internships that ultimately led to me getting a full-time job with my dream company at United Airlines.

What are your lifelong goals?

I want to be a driving force for innovation in the airline industry. I hope to start my own airline.

What would make your airline different from others?

No frills with super low fares, maybe even free.

What makes you love aviation so much?

Traveling. There is so much to see. It broadens your perspective. You can be on a plane and within such a short period of time, you can be somewhere else.

What motto do you live by?

Try hard and give back. I was mentored through CAPS and DECA (high school business organization) so now I mentor

What excites you?

Being able to tackle a challenging problem and solve it. Also, my hobbies: traveling, photography, technology and entrepreneurship

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received from a professor?

To never stop learning and never be afraid to ask questions.

What’s your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is not living to my full potential. I’ve worked extremely hard to get to where I am today, and know that I can achieve my goals with the right determination

What is one word that best describes you and why?

Driven. I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles to get where I am today, and have relentlessly pursued my lifelong passion for the airline industry.