Teaching Philosophy

I believe in empowering each student to teach themselves. Each lesson is spent with a heavy emphasis developing tools for students to use in their own private practice session to improve technically and musically in their own journey of mastery of bassoon. The goal is for each student to graduate with confidence they have the skills and knowledge to continue to learn and independently.

I customize each student’s educational path specific to the individual. I do not teach a fixed set of sonata, concerto, and chamber repertoire. However, I do require specific scale and arpeggio studies to be achieved each semester.

I believe in the importance of a weekly studio class, where students perform in front of each other. This allows students themselves to practice performing while also developing the critical thinking and listening skills to provide feedback to other performers.

As someone who has made well over 15,000 reeds in my lifetime, I emphasize the importance of learning the art of reed making. Over the course of their studies, students will learn how to make reeds from tube cane all the way to the final evaluation and finishing steps. The UMKC Bassoon Studio has a full suite of reed making machines for students to use while they attend the Conservatory.

I welcome any prospective student to many options to discover what it is like to study bassoon at UMKC. I offer complimentary lessons, either on person or on Zoom, in addition welcome visitors to our weekly studio and reed class every Tuesday. Please fell free to contact me if interested.

Dr. Leigh Muñoz, Assistant Professor of Bassoon