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UMKC Students Represent at Undergraduate Research Day


Twelve students represented the University of Missouri-Kansas City at the UM System Undergraduate Research Day in Jefferson City on April 4.

As the state’s only public research University, students across the UM System are provided unique opportunities to work alongside talented faculty and conduct cutting-edge and groundbreaking research every day. These experiences, which range from science to medicine to the humanities, help prepare students for graduate and professional studies at prominent universities as well as careers in leading industries.

Undergraduate Research Day at the Missouri State Capitol illustrates the accomplishments of these students and allows for elected officials to see, firsthand, the exciting innovations taking place at the University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Missouri University of Science and Technology and the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Enhancing student success and outcomes are central to our commitment to excellence in higher education. Jane Greer, Ph.D., is the director of UMKC Undergraduate Research. Below is a list of the UMKC students, their home cities, counties and research projects.

Joe BeanKansas City Jackson
Joe Bean is a senior studying Biology/BA/MD. His presentation titled, “Regulation of the Sleep Cycle by an Unexpected Yet Common Biological Process”, was supervised by Ryan Mohan, assistant professor of biology. Joe is the son of Katherine and Richard Bean of Omaha, Nebraska.

Alexandra CutterSt. Louis, Missouri Saint Louis
Alexandra Cutter is a senior studying Biological Sciences. Her presentation titled, “Investigation of Structural Requirements for Proper Trafficking of Drosophila Tribbles”, was supervised by Leonard Dobens, professor and director of research in biology. Alexandra is the daughter of Dan and Michelle Cutter of St. Louis, Missouri.

Sami GulKansas City, Missouri Jackson
Sami Gul is a senior studying Political Science and Math and Statistics (Double Major). His presentation titled, “How Do Education Levels Affect Public Perception of Corruption?”, was supervised by Debra Leiter, assistant professor of political science. Sami is the son of Fikriye and Ali Gul of Ankara, Turkey.

Anum KhalidLee’s Summit, Missouri Jackson
Anum Khalid is a senior studying Psychology. Her presentation titled, “The Effect of Self Regulation Development on Prosocial Decision Making of 5-8 Year Old Children”, was supervised by Oh-Ryeong Ha, assistant professor of psychology. Anum is the daughter of Syed and Samiya Khalid of Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Brandon LandaverryLee’s Summit, Missouri Jackson
Brandon Landaverry is a senior studying Environmental Science. His presentation titled, “Characterization of Aeolian Source Material from the Al-Jafr Basin, Jordan Using Grain Size, X-Ray Diffraction, Geochemical Analysis and SEM”, was supervised by Caroline Davis, professor of geosciences. Brandon is the son of Nery and Victoria Landaverry of Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Celine LimKansas City, Missouri Jackson
Celine Lim is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. Her presentation titled, “Heat Transfer Enhancement of Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage Systems”, was supervised by Sarvenaz Sobhansarbandi, assistant professor of civil & mechanical engineering. Celine is the daughter of Beng Teong Lim of Selangor, Malaysia.

Carrie MerrittArchie, Missouri Cass
Carrie Merritt is a senior studying Environmental Science & Mathematics minor. Her presentation titled, “Midwestern Climate Modelling and Analysis: An Examination of the Impact of Mitigation on Future Climate”, was supervised by Fengpeng Sun, assistant professor of geosciences. Carrie is the daughter of Dana Lewis of Archie, Missouri.

Rhiannon MinsterChesterfield, Missouri Saint Louis
Rhiannon Minster is a senior studying English, creative writing. Her presentation titled, “Wilden Arts High School: a Young Adult Novel”, was supervised by Professor Michael Pritchett, associate professor of English language and literature. Rhiannon is the daughter of Nancy Minster of Chesterfield, Missouri.

Samuel NelsonKansas City, Missouri Johnson
Samuel Nelson is studying Psychology and Economics. His presentation titled, “The Effect of Stress in Eating Behavior”, was supervised by Dr. Oh Ryeong Ha, assistant professor of psychology. Samuel is the son of Steve Nelson of Kansas City, Missouri.

Vy NgoKansas City, Missouri Jackson
Vy Ngo is a junior studying Chemistry. Her presentation titled, “Drosophila Flies’ Brains Might Help Save Humans with Spinocerebellar Ataxia”, was supervised by Ryan Mohan, assistant professor of biology. Vy is the daughter of Tuyet Tran and Dan Ngo of Kansas City, Missouri.

Hannah NguyenKansas City, Missouri Jackson
Hannah Nguyen is a senior studying Biology. Her presentation titled, “Mammalian Comparative Anatomy of Larynges and Their Correspondence to Various Sounds Produced”, was supervised by Rachael Allen, assistant teaching professor of biology. Hannah is the daughter of Tien and Tuan Nguyen of Kansas City, Missouri.

Minh NguyenNorth Kansas City, Missouri Jackson
Minh Nguyen is a junior studying Biology. His presentation titled, “Experiment on the biotechnique: The Game Changer”, was supervised by Ryan Mohan, assistant professor of biology. Minh is the son of Dinh Van Nguyen and Tuyet Tran of North Kansas City, Missouri.

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