UMKC Ombudsperson website offers tips for working in teams


Working in a research team? A committee? Team teaching? Many of us collaborate with others. However, we are all familiar with the problems that can arise when we work in teams: disagreements about how things should be done, poor communication, missed deadlines, differing levels of commitment to the task, etc.

If some of this sounds way too familiar to you, or if you’re considering joining, forming, or leading a team, please visit the UMKC Faculty Ombudsperson web page,  News and Good Stuff to Know, and read “Collaboration & Team Science: A Field Guide,” written by L. Michelle Bennett, Howard Gadlin, and Samantha Levine-Finley for the National Institute of Health.

Although the Guide’s main focus is research teams, it offers valuable evidence-based information on how to build, lead, navigate and work effectively in any kind of team.

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